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1419 Chapin Avenue
Burlingame, CA, 94010
United States


rec room creative is an indoor play space & boutique for families with littles (0-6 years old) in downtown burlingame.  we provide open-ended, collaborative and tinkering type play, and provide opportunities to engage in mini-maker activities and lol (love out loud - organized and random acts of kindness). we strive to bring together family, creativity and doing a little good in the world -- a trifecta of awesomeness, right?!  we hope you'll join us =)


rec room creative faq

have questions?  we'll do our best to provide answers!



  • are older children able to join in on the fun?

    • our space has been designed for littles ages 0 through kindergarten, or 6 and under. but fear not! if there are older siblings in the family or in your group, they can come in and play so long as the younger littles are in your party =) age limits do not apply to members =)

  • i don't have kids, can i come and play?

    • for safety reasons, all big people must come with at least one little person =)

  • is the space clean?

    • yes! we abide by the saying "cleanliness is next to godliness" and know how icky it feels when you're in a germ-y environment. so, we take measures to "keep it clean":

      • everyone is checked for fever prior to entry during cold season,

      • everyone gets a squirt of plant based hand sanitizer prior to play,

      • play items and the space are cleaned regularly throughout each day, and for that extra level of protection we mop floors and clean toys with Force of Nature in the evenings,

      • we have a "mouth bin" for toys that may be been nibbled or drooled on (we'll sanitize these toys prior to putting them back into the play space =),

      • we have a swear jar. yep, a swear jar. gotta "keep it clean", right? @%#! = $1. all $'s from said jar will go to charity :)

  • what if my child is sick?

    • awe :(, we hope your little one feels better soon! (we send positive thoughts your way, as we know it's super hard on you too when your littles are sick.) to ensure a healthy space for everyone that visits and so as not to compromise their health or safety, we ask that your child recover at home if your child has any of these symptoms:

      • any contagious ailment including but not limited to rash, vomiting, diarrhea, "pinkeye", flu, strep throat, chicken pox, etc (please check with your doctor)

      • fever over 100.5F

      • not well enough to attend daycare or school

      • head lice that has not been treated

      • uncontrollable coughing or sneezing

  • can i bring my pet?

    • our space is for human family members only, thanks so much for your understanding :)

  • can I drop off my kids?

    • no and yes :)

    • one of our key goals is to bring families together, so we felt that offering regular drop-off options didn't align with that goal,

    • however!! we know that mommies and daddies need (and deserve!) "me time", and that mommies and daddies need time alone together too, so subscribe to our email list to be in the know when we do offer drop-off events =)

  • why lol?

    • we believe that as a business we are blessed with the responsibility and privilege to "get involved".

    • please be sure to check out our lol page for more information :)

  • can we eat & drink inside?

    • to keep things clean, we don't allow food & drinks inside our play space (except for non-spill bottles/sippy cups, or covered water)

    • however! feel free to enjoy snacking along our ramp wall, just make sure little hands and fingers are cleaned again prior to play =)

    • please note we are a nut free environment.

  • i have a skill & a passion to share it!  how can i promote my skills or business, and/or teach a class and/or host an event at rec room creative?

    • yay, we love fresh new ideas and promoting local businesses and creatives! use the contact link above and send us your thoughts =)