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rec room creative is an indoor play space & boutique for families with littles (0-6 years old) in downtown burlingame.  we provide open-ended, collaborative and tinkering type play, and provide opportunities to engage in mini-maker activities and lol (love out loud - organized and random acts of kindness). we strive to bring together family, creativity and doing a little good in the world -- a trifecta of awesomeness, right?!  we hope you'll join us =)


Endless Summer Fun - Letting Them Be Little!

Jennifer Quan

 fun times in the kiddie pool!

fun times in the kiddie pool!

Growing up, my little brother and I had a tiny plastic kiddie pool out back behind our most humble home, and we spent endless hours during the summer months having a blast in just a few inches of water =).  We created worlds, came up with our own games and shows, narrated stories and more; we were sailors, mermaids, olympic swimmers and many other cool characters on the stages of our imaginations.  Splashing around, discovering what floated vs. sank, learning to squirt water by cupping our hands together, and just simply staying cool was loads of fun too!

These days, if I’m not intentional about it, it’s easy for me to complicate the simplicity and joy of “letting them be little” by not giving them sufficient time and space to do so.  I’m blessed that my littles can come and enjoy open-play and creating at rec room creative, but isn’t there just something about spending hours of play time outdoors?


I went online shopping a couple weeks ago (yes, it’s my super power, and something I’m looking to do a better job controlling….ahem) and placed an order at walmart.com and got them a kiddie pool for our backyard =)  Here’s what I got:

I also bought cool character band-aids cause I’m allergic to paying for shipping (and who doesn't enjoy a good Mickey Band-aid??), and needed to get above $35 ;)  The electric pump isn’t necessary either, but what can I say, it’s HOT outside for the Bay Area and I’m just not a fan of unnecessary labor…

The pool took less than 2 minutes to inflate (yaass!) and the kiddos started enjoying it immediately (after applying my favorite sunscreen by thinkbaby that we just got in)!  I’m also itching to try some nighttime black-light stencil action with this pool =)

Here’s to letting them be little!  How will you un-plan some good old fashioned summer fun?!

*I’m not affiliated with Walmart or any of these products in any way shape or form!